Navigating Pregnancy After Loss: Sarah Herron’s Unique Journey

In a heartfelt and candid series of Instagram Story videos, former Bachelor contestant Sarah Herron opens up about the complexities and emotions she is facing during her current pregnancy after the devastating loss of her son, Oliver, last year. Herron and her husband, Dylan Brown, joyfully shared the news of expecting twin baby girls, but behind the scenes, the journey is marked by a different set of sensitivities and challenges.

“I just wanted to come on here and touch base and kind of fill you guys in a little bit on where I am mentally and emotionally over the last couple of weeks,” Herron shared with her followers.

As the first anniversary of Oliver’s passing approaches, Herron expressed that she has been feeling a mix of emotions but is doing relatively well. However, she acknowledged that this pregnancy is unlike her previous one, and she wants to be transparent about the unique aspects she’s navigating.

Herron disclosed that she grapples with optimism and the expectation that everything will go smoothly this time around. The majority of her days are filled with consultations with genetic counselors and maternal-fetal medicine doctors, highlighting the complexities of a high-risk pregnancy, especially in a small mountain town with limited resources.

The reality of switching care providers from her previous pregnancy and starting fresh with a new obstetrician further adds to the challenges. Herron emphasized the additional layers of complexity in her current situation — the babies she’s carrying are made from mosaic embryos, requiring careful consideration and extensive genetic testing.

Despite the hurdles, Herron reassured her followers that everything is going well, and she is under excellent care. She shared that she is working with both a new obstetrician and the doctor who delivered Oliver, even though it involves a four-hour journey.

“This pregnancy is so different. I don’t feel like coming on and talking about symptoms and bumpdates and pregnancy in the way that I used to because there’s trauma,” Herron explained. She expressed a profound respect for other women who have experienced loss or are trying to conceive, acknowledging the unique sensitivities that come with pregnancy after loss.

Herron concluded by emphasizing her changed perspective on sharing pregnancy updates, stating that she is not creating baby lists or following pregnancy accounts as she did during her first pregnancy. “It’s just a different process,” she said.

Sarah Herron’s openness about her journey serves as a powerful testament to the diverse experiences of pregnancy and the strength required to navigate the complexities that arise after a loss. Her story encourages empathy and understanding for others facing similar challenges, fostering a supportive community for women on unique paths to motherhood.

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