Mary Berg Net Worth Journey of Success, Passion, and Kitchen Triumphs

In the realm of Canadian celebrity chefs, one name stands out – Mary Berg. At 33 years old, she has not only conquered the culinary scene but has also become a prominent figure in reality TV and literature. Known for hosting ‘Mary’s Kitchen Crush’ on CTV and clinching the title of Master Chef Canada Season 3 winner, Mary’s journey is a tale of determination, passion, and undeniable talent.

Early Life and Education

Mary’s culinary journey began at the tender age of seven. Despite facing family hardships after her father’s passing, she embraced the kitchen, preparing meals for her family by the age of thirteen. Her pursuit of a white-collar job led her to Wilfrid Laurier University, where she earned a double degree in English and History. Subsequently, she delved into Information Technology, earning her master’s degree from the University of Toronto, all while working as a full-time insurance broker.

Journey to Culinary Stardom

The turning point in Mary’s life came when she participated in MasterChef Canada. Competing against the top fourteen contestants, she emerged victorious, making history as the first female champion. Inspired by family and her fiancé, Mary’s win catapulted her into the limelight, becoming an inspiration for aspiring chefs across Canada.

Culinary Ventures Post-MasterChef

Following her triumph, Mary plunged into the culinary world with unwavering focus. From catering services to launching her confectionary brand, she showcased her expertise on various TV shows like ‘Your Morning,’ ‘The Social,’ and ‘Marilyn Denis Show’ on CTV. Notably, four months after her MasterChef win, she debuted her own award-winning show, ‘Mary’s Kitchen Crush,’ a testament to her culinary prowess.

The Cookbook Legacy

Mary’s dedication to sharing her culinary expertise led her to publish a cookbook titled ‘Kitchen Party: Effortless Recipes for Every Occasion.’ Released in September 2019, the book received rave reviews on Amazon, boasting a stellar 4.5/5 rating. Through this, Mary ensures her culinary legacy endures for generations.

‘A Small Stove’: Beyond Traditional Restaurants

While Mary has not ventured into establishing traditional restaurants, she has innovatively created ‘A Small Stove.’ This platform showcases her recipes, encouraging enthusiasts to recreate her dishes. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, her initiative provided solace to those unable to dine out, showcasing her commitment to sharing the joy of cooking.

Unraveling Mary Berg’s Net Worth

Beyond her culinary ventures, Mary’s financial success is noteworthy. A recipient of a substantial award and actively engaged in endorsements and promos, she has strategically leveraged her TV shows and cookbook sales to amass a net worth of $1.6 Million as of 2023.

Personal Life: Husband and Honeymoon

In the midst of her culinary triumphs, Mary Berg is not just a chef but a happily married woman. Following her victory, she revealed her engagement and subsequent marriage to her husband, known by his Instagram handle, Amariash (@amariash). Their love story blossomed, culminating in a honeymoon trip across Iceland, Paris, Rome, and Florence.

Culinary Quirks and Fun Facts

Despite her culinary prowess, Mary Berg has her quirks, notably her struggle with cooking rice. Intriguingly, she loves preparing all forms of meat, although she refrains from consuming it, maintaining a flexitarian lifestyle for over fifteen years. A self-made chef with no formal culinary training, Mary believes in the power of food shared with others.

Social Media Presence

Mary Berg’s influence extends beyond the kitchen; her social media presence is a testament to that. With 87.4K followers on Instagram, 38K on Facebook, and a verified Twitter account with 4.7K followers, she utilizes these platforms to share culinary skills, promote products, and document memorable events.


In the world of culinary excellence, Mary Berg stands as a beacon of inspiration. From her humble beginnings to becoming a renowned celebrity chef, her journey is one of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the culinary arts. As she continues to share her love for cooking through various platforms, Mary Berg’s influence only continues to grow.

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