Kelly Clarkson Says ‘Pre-Diabetic’ Diagnosis Prompted Her to Lose Weight: ‘I Wasn’t Shocked’

Kelly Clarkson, the renowned singer and talk show host, recently opened up about her weight loss journey on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The catalyst behind her transformation? A pre-diabetic diagnosis she received a couple of years ago.

Pre-diabetic Diagnosis: The Wake-Up Call

Clarkson candidly shared that being told she was pre-diabetic served as a wake-up call. Despite acknowledging being a bit overweight, she wasn’t shocked by the diagnosis but recognized the need for a lifestyle change.

Two-Year Wait: Taking Action

Rather than an immediate overhaul, Clarkson took a unique approach by waiting for two years before deciding to do something about her health. Understanding her mindset during this waiting period provides insight into her eventual commitment to change.

On-The-Go Activities with Kids

Surprisingly, Clarkson attributes a significant part of her weight loss to on-the-go activities with her children. From walking the dogs to making slime, these activities became integral to her fitness routine.

Fitness Routine: Walking and Infrared Saunas

Clarkson’s fitness routine involves walking in the city, engaging in activities with her kids, and experimenting with infrared saunas. The recent addition of a cold plunge reflects her dedication to diverse fitness approaches.

Diet Changes: Listening to the Doctor

Acknowledging the role her doctor played, Clarkson embraced diet changes, with a particular focus on a protein-rich diet. Her commitment to following medical advice became a pivotal aspect of her successful journey.

Texas Girl’s Diet: Meat Lover

With a touch of humor, Clarkson, being a Texas girl, shares her love for meat, playfully apologizing to vegetarians. This showcases her down-to-earth and relatable approach to dieting.

November 2023 Confession

In November 2023, Clarkson confessed on her show about the various stages of being heavier than she preferred. She humorously addressed the challenges of finding suitable jeans for her body shape.

Transparent Journey: Weight Loss Throughout Career

Throughout her career, Clarkson has been transparent about her weight loss journey. Even during her time on American Idol, she faced comments about her body, handling them with confidence and grace.

Love for Losing Weight

Clarkson expressed her love for losing weight, acknowledging the challenges, particularly with clothing choices. Her ability to embrace her body changes while enjoying the process resonates with many.


In conclusion, Kelly Clarkson’s journey from a pre-diabetic diagnosis to her recent weight loss is a testament to her commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Her openness about the challenges and triumphs inspires many on their own fitness journeys.


Q1: How much weight did Kelly Clarkson lose? Clarkson has not specified the exact weight, but her visible transformation suggests a significant loss.

Q2: What activities does she do with her kids for fitness? She engages in various on-the-go activities with her kids, including walking the dogs, making slime, and visiting the museum.

Q3: How did her doctor contribute to her weight loss? Her doctor played a crucial role by advising dietary changes, with a focus on a protein diet.

Q4: What challenges did she mention about jeans? Clarkson mentioned the difficulties of finding jeans due to her combination of a smaller waist and a more prominent butt.

Q5: Why did Kelly Clarkson wait two years before taking action? Clarkson took two years to assess and prepare herself mentally before committing to significant lifestyle changes.

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