Guide to The Bachelor Season 28: Who Went Home and Who’s Still in the Running for Joey Graziadei’s Heart

Pro tennis player Joey Graziadei is serving up a new kind of competition as the leading man on The Bachelor Season 28. Premiering on Jan. 22, Graziadei faced 32 women in his quest for love. Let’s dive into the details of who went home and who is still in the running for his heart.

Graziadei’s Bachelor Journey

Discovering that Graziadei previously experienced “true heartbreak” on The Bachelorette, fans eagerly anticipated his journey as the Bachelor. The tennis pro expressed excitement about personal growth and readiness to find his perfect match.

The First Eliminations

Week 1 brought eliminations, and unfortunately, Chandler, Kayla, Lanie, Sandra, Sam H., Talyah, Zoe, Sam W., Kyra, and Allison were sent home. Each departure carried its own story, adding a layer of emotion to the unfolding drama.

Contestants Still in the Competition

While some left, others remain in the competition. Meet Autumn, Chrissa, Daisy, Edwina, Erika, Evalin, Jenn, Jessica, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Kelsey T., Lauren, Lea, Lexi, Madina, Maria, Marlena, Nat, Rachel, Starr, Sydney, and Taylor. The journey is far from over for these hopefuls.

Notable Contestants

Explore the diverse group of women, including a Graphic Designer, Guidance Counselor, Realtor, Cybersecurity Consultant, CPA, Esthetician, Artist, Pro Football Cheerleader, Paralegal, and more. Each contestant brings a unique story and personality to the show.

Joey Graziadei’s Choices

As the Bachelor, Graziadei has the power to shape his love story. Understanding his past heartbreak, fans are curious to see who will capture his attention and ultimately win his heart.

Chandler’s Departure

Chandler, a 24-year-old Graphic Designer from New York, New York, was unfortunately eliminated in Week 1. Despite her early exit, Chandler’s presence added an interesting dynamic to the initial episodes.

Kayla’s Journey Ends

Week 1 also saw the departure of Kayla, a 27-year-old Guidance Counselor from Hamilton, Ohio. Her time on the show might have been brief, but she left an impression on viewers.

Lanie’s Farewell

Lanie, a 27-year-old Realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also bid farewell in Week 1. Her elimination marked the end of her pursuit of love with Graziadei.

Sandra’s Exit

Week 1 brought Sandra’s journey to an end. The 26-year-old Cybersecurity Consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, left the competition, leaving fans to wonder about the connections that could have been.

Sam H.’s Departure

Sam H., a 31-year-old CPA from Nashville, Tennessee, faced elimination in Week 1. Though her time on The Bachelor was short-lived, she added her own flavor to the mix.

Talyah’s Goodbye

Talyah, a 23-year-old Esthetician from Huntington Beach, California, left the competition in Week 1. Despite her early exit, her presence contributed to the memorable moments of the season.

Zoe Exits the Show

Zoe, a 24-year-old Artist from Atlanta, Georgia, also faced elimination in Week 1. While her journey on The Bachelor was cut short, she played a part in the unfolding drama.

Samantha W.’s Journey Ends

Samantha W., a 25-year-old Pro Football Cheerleader from Miami, Florida, bid farewell in Week 1. Her departure added another layer of complexity to the early dynamics of the show.

Kyra’s Departure

Kyra, a 26-year-old Paralegal from Miami, Florida, was eliminated in Week 1. Though her time with Graziadei was short, she became a part of The Bachelor’s history.

Allison’s Continued Journey

On a positive note, Allison, a 26-year-old Realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, managed to secure her spot in the competition. Fans will be eager to see how her connection with Graziadei develops.

Autumn, Chrissa, Daisy, and Edwina Stay In the Running

These four contestants, all in their mid-20s and with diverse occupations, managed to survive the first week’s eliminations. The journey continues for Autumn, Chrissa, Daisy, and Edwina.


As The Bachelor Season 28 unfolds, fans can expect more twists, turns, and emotional moments. Graziadei’s journey to find true love promises excitement and drama, keeping viewers hooked until the final rose ceremony.


  1. How many contestants started the season?
    • There were initially 32 contestants at the beginning of The Bachelor Season 28.
  2. Who is the youngest contestant on the show?
    • Talyah, the Esthetician from Huntington Beach, California, is the youngest at 23.
  3. Are there any contestants with a connection to Graziadei’s past?
    • Lauren, the Registered Nurse and Allison’s sister, has a unique connection to Graziadei.
  4. When is the next rose ceremony?
    • The schedule for rose ceremonies is not disclosed, adding an element of suspense to the show.
  5. Is there a frontrunner for Graziadei’s heart?
    • It’s too early to tell, as connections are still developing. Watch to find out who captures Graziadei’s heart!

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